Personal Growth

30. It’s a number you thought to be so far in the future when you were 12 or even 21. “I will have met my prince and travel to far lands by the time I’m 30.”

When people turn 30 they have this retrospective moment. What am I doing? Who have I become? Where will I be going? How did I not accomplish these childhood dreams? The way your life is, isn’t the way you thought it would be when you imagined it as a youngster.

I’ve recently turned 30 and realized it’s not about what I had imagined life would be like for me. It’s about what my life is and how I treat if from a daily, weekly and yearly prospective through experiences, moments and goals. It’s about living each moment and creating experiences. In other words personal growth and leaving your mark.

You do this by creating experiences and sharing the stories. Treating each day as a journey to your next goal and helping others to do the same. This is how you create a legacy. And in the end what life is, is what you created and how you touched others. Being more aware of life as it’s passing.

Recently I just stumbled across Jonathan Harris’s film, Today. He started a project just for this reason. To be more in the moment. To have more memories. To live more richly. Everyday for a full year he took a picture to tell a story about his life and his day. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time. Please this is worth eight minutes and 32 seconds of your day. He expressed brilliantly the feeling most of us go through during phases of our lives.

Thank you Jonathan.