STEP 1 Define the problem
I approach problems by first understanding why you are here, by listening, I decipher the true nature of the problem. Once we’ve identified the problem, I evaluate preexisting knowledge, “need to know” information, and the technical skills required to approach the problem.
STEP 6 Prototype Idea
In today’s industries any medium is possible. To better understand what we are making, I visualize solutions through sketches, diagrams, images, 3D models, or interactive.
STEP 2 clear objectives
To achieve a successful solution that obtains your goals, we must articulate what our solution needs to accomplish. Our experiences and observations can help us determine our objectives.
STEP 7 Analyze Options
I compare the models with the research, bearing in mind what you and the objectives have set out to accomplish.
STEP 3 Define the Approach
By excavating all available information, I can understand the problem at its root. Gathering information helps us determine the sequence of the solution. By simplifying the problem, we can simplify the solution.
Albert Einstein “ A Problem Well Defined is Half Solved.”
STEP 8 Production: Mobilize Team
I define expectations early, understand consequences, motivate, and inspire to ensuring follow through.
STEP 4 Elicit Support
I value focusing on goals, properly managing, and seeking new resources that seamlessly correspond with the solution. Knowing limitations is essential in finding successful and practical solutions.
STEP 9 Evaluation
I analyze results, listen to external feedback, and make adjustments.
STEP 5 Gather Information
This step is about trusting research methods that acknowledge cultural principles while taking into account the climate that created the problem. It’s important to look at history: understanding the past is the best pathway to move any idea or design towards the future.
STEP 10 Evaluation of Success
It’s important to evaluate the results and compare the results with our projections. We determine what worked, what didn’t work, and why. I use evaluation to create a strategy to expand upon our successes.