Cabin Fever

Seasons have changed here in Minnesota. Summer to autumn, and sooner than I’d like, autumn will be winter. In preparation for the months to follow I have been doing a little house cleaning, a little eating, but more importantly I’ve been looking for inspiration. Things to keep me motivated and entertained while I endure the winter months snuggled inside, watching snowflakes fall and frost form on my windows. This brings me to my list of “Must See Movies.” The movies that have inspired me either through message, cinematography, or humor. What films inspire you?

Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams
A film based on interpretations of actual dreams from director Akira Kurosawa.

Disco Dancer by Babber Subhash
If this movie doesn’t make you want to get up and dance not sure what will.

Hausa by Nobuhiko Obayashi
One of the most incredible 1970’s Japanese horror films, completely ahead of its time, with hand-done film effects and amazing hand-painted backdrops.

PPU Party DVD Volume 1
It’s an assemblage of rare access tv funk-era dance shows, edited together by a Brooklyn video artist. Sounds straightforward, but has such a now editing style, using old hardware effects, modern “data moshing” techniques, hand done cropping and crappy stock alpha transitions, all rolled into a beautiful, squishy vintage mess. Probably the most inspiring thing I’ve seen this year.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird by Ji-woon Kim
It’s a modern Korean western with great cinematography and quirky style.

Survive Style 5+ by Gen Sekiguchi
This is an avant-garde, bizarre Japanese flick with incredible sets. Maybe not the best movie, but some great still frames!

Descendant of the Sun
A psychedelic Shaw Brothers era kung fu movie. The plot is a superbaby is found by a poor woodcutter inside a crystal and must defeat an evil alien king’s eugenics program with lazers and fire breathing. I love plotlines like this. If you like this also see Battle Wizard, Holy Flame of the Martial World and Buddha’s Palm.

The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Long-banned, Beatles-funded, multi-million dollar sacrilegious epic, filmed while the actors were usually under the influence. Disturbing at times, but one of the wildest, most creative expressions of film ever.

The Tale of the Fox by Ladislas Starevitch
I love stop motion and this is on an epic level, from 1929 by Russian Ladislas Starevitch. A jaw dropping amount of work put into animating tiny animals frame by frame. Just…… mind melting.

Alice by Jan Svankmajer
Another stop motion/live action masterpiece, this time from Jan Svankmeyer. His advanced, creepy interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Amazing sound work and painstaking detail. Weird!

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell
A Portrait of Arthur Russell. Beautiful, sad documentary on musician Arthur Russel, an influential gay producer who did incredible things in the disco era. Really lovely!

Drugstore Cowboy by Gus Van Sant
My favourite movie of all time. That’s about it!

Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames
This film is not only aesthetically appealing but a great example of how education and a message can become beautiful the more you dissect the information.