Dr. Phil

Popular culture in the United States is shaped in part by media talk shows, which often are designed for entertainment value rather than for public enlightenment. These programs, inexpensive to produce, tend to elevate personal opinion as well as intimate or private experiences over facts relevant to public life and theories. Most choreographed by entertaining hosts, these television and radio programs usually spotlighted individuals who sometimes face on-air audience questions, reactions and ridicule. Most are campaign to sway public opinion, sell books, or run for office. But often, popular hosts degrade American public discourse with a freak show approach that focuses on hostility, shocking revelations, and stories of sexual encounters. They entertained their audience with extreme or abusive behavior and ideas, distracting people from honest discussions of genuinely important public issues.

I found it’s not difficult to participate in this culture. All it takes is willing participates, enthusiasm in story telling, and an ounce of drama or plot line. Here is one of my attempts of participating in this culture.

Please enjoy my family (brother, sister, and mother) on Dr.Phil discussing “consumer haze” on an episode called “My Big Fat Spoiled Sibling”.