The value of art found on concrete walls, chain linked fences, trains, light posts, and mailboxes is constantly debated across the globe. The debate has only heightened with the rise of artists like Banksy who are curating shows in places like the Bristol’s City Museum and Art Gallery.

Andy Clark has also done a lot to continue the street-art debate. In fact, he’s created a vessel for it to live globally and permanently. Clark mixed Google Maps and online networking to create STREETARTLOCATOR.COM.  Here, creators and observers of street art can spread their messages to the world. Anyone can post images on the site. Clark categorizes pieces as graffiti, gallery, painting, stickers, stencils, sculptures, and installation to help users navigate the site.

For those of us who believe in street art, he’s provided a window into countless cultures. “The most arresting pieces are the cries for help, where it’s someone’s only way of communicating – in Southeast Asia, for example, where graffiti is subject to capital punishment,” said Clark in the Summer 2009 issue of Antenna.

The medium is the message.  – Marshall McLuhan