End of TV


Last night was the “End of TV” or analog television broadcasting systems. As the television set went static – I could only think about the day when I can tell children:
“There was a time when you had to tune in stations with bunny ears to see the picture.”
I thought of the others in my same position – as some stations went static and others began a looped instructional videos. The videos explained how to set-up your converter box, meanwhile explaining the benefits to the change.
I am apart of that small percentile of people who:

a) Have a model television set older then 2000
b) Did not receive a free coupon for a converter box
c) Did not prepare or don’t believe it was going to happen
d) Wanted to see what would happen
e) Over the age of 75

I thought long and hard about what life would be like without television. I came to the conclusion that television had ended many years earlier for me. The explosion of websites like HULU and YouTube as well as services like NetFlix ended television for me. My generation has grown up with more computer monitors then television sets. We are so familiar with getting our information and entertainment when we want it.

Here’s to the years without television.