Bumble and Bumble Design

It’s important to me to stay interest in a wide array of design disciplines. A great stylist, musician and owner of the local salon Mezzanine, Jonny Kelson, invited me to participate in a design discipline much different then print. Hair styling.

Bumble and Bumble a wide spread cosmetic line offers training programs in traveling cities and sure enough they came to Minneapolis inviting Jonny to participate. I of course had to tag along to soak in the experience and get my hair styled.

Howard Mc Laren, Bumble and Bumble’s Vice President Senior Artist Director, lead the workshop focusing around customizing cuts to the clients lifestyle, habits and wants. I was stunned with how similar his concepts of approaching hair styling were to approaching graphic or industrial design.

He talked about getting to know the client and their interests, leading the stylist to understand the likes, dislikes and environments the client is involved in. The demographic information, basically. He explained, in order for a client to walk away happy with their cut, they have to know how to manage the equity they have. Finding the best cut is the one they can maintain, understand and embrace. Howard taught stylists to educate their clients about products or cut styles (razor cutting), so they could be aware of why, when and how they should treat their new look and fashion. In the end giving the client a total experience and makeover.

Within any design discipline, understanding the cultural and economic climate before starting the project will only make the outcome last longer and become more vibrant.